Last Day

image-44 image-45 image-47 image-48 image-49 image-50 image-51Today was our last day on the trip. We started the day off with morning prayer and went around the table and gave compliments to each person and explained times on the trip where each person’s talents and work was appreciated. The activity was a good pick me up and great motivation to finish the week off strong. We worked today at the same house as yesterday working with frames, caulk, paint, and more. The staff of Habitat for Humanity was very appreciative and thankful for everything we accomplished.

Tonight, we were treated to Texas barbeque at Viteks (yum!!). Viteks was also the first place that Dr. Lafferty found herself a real cowboy (her goal for the trip)! Also at dinner, the staff presented us with awards from our work on the trip. Overall, the week was eye-opening, life changing, and a community building experience! We together shared MANY laughs, personal experiences, and found common interests with fellow classmates, staff members, and complete strangers. As well as bonding with each other, it was an amazing experience to see the way other people live and to be able to serve others and God through our actions, words, talents and abilities. The trip has been extraordinary and an opportunity of a lifetime that I’m sure we will all learn from to continue to serve others on a regular basis. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow as we endure on a 15 hour bus trip at 5 am.


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