First day in Texas

image-23 image-24 image-25 image-26 image-27 image-28 image-29 image-30 image-31 image-32After leaving Oklahoma at 7 this morning and taking a few stops along the way, the group arrived in Texas! We met up at 2:00 with a gentleman from West, TX, who’s in charge of the West Recovery Program. He first hopped in our bus and gave us a tour around the town. In April, the small town of West was tragically impacted by the explosion of the town’s fertilizer plant. The group was amazed with the amount of damage done to the town. Our ‘tour guide’ Matt explained to us that manhomes, a nursing home, the high school, middle school, and many more buildings were affected and destroyed. It became evident of the amount of help, both financially and physically, the town could use. When we got back to the Recovery Center Father told the workers that we would like to start working today instead of waiting until tomorrow. As a group, we formed a large assembly line and was able to pack and relocate tons of clothes, baby items, shoes, and more to large  semi trailers to be transported to another location. The supervisor was amazed with the amount of work we were able to do and was very appreciative. After leaving West, we came back to our ‘New Home’ in Waco, TX and enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Father Thomas, Maka, and Brian since tonight was the guys night to provide the meal (a little unfair since the male to female ratio is 3:9), but the girls all appreciated the yummy chili and biscuits.

Tomorrow, we will spend the day again in West. More updates to come!


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