Our Day Off

image-10 image-18 image-19 image-20 image-21 image(Sorry this post is a tad late)

We ended last night (Saturday) with a group reflection. The group talked about their favorite, most challenging, and most inspiring parts of the day helping build the Habitat For Humanity house. We all came to a conclusion that this group is unique and so special in its own way. We agreed that each person brings different qualities and balances the group to make it enjoyable for everyone. Throughout the build, we constantly were helping eachother, talking eachother through tasks, and showing patience towards us who are ‘less construction-y’. 🙂

Today (Sunday) we took the day off from service, but still stayed busy and was away from our ‘new home’ all day. First, we went to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral. Both the interrible and exterior of the Church were breathtaking. The Mass service was great and the choir and organ player definitely stood out. After mass, our group stayed after to look around and take pictures. We were also invited to have donuts and coffee afterwards which we gladly accepted as a quick snack before going to a local diner for lunch. After eating, we went and visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. While we kind of walked quickly through the Memorial due to the cold weather (not as cold as South Dakota we hear!), we spent about 2.5 hours in the museum. It didn’t take long entering the museum for us to each turn silent, go our separate ways and experience the museum at our own pace and respect. After returning back home tonight, we each reflected on our experience and which parts had the biggest impact on us. A common answer in the group was the news clippings, memorabilia, and readings expressing the pain and agony of a family member’s death through the bombing. Though each person had different answers, the Memorial touched our hearts and was definitely an experience we will never forget.

We ended the night with our nightly game. All 12 of us sat around the cafeteria table and played a game similar to pictionary and telephone known as ‘The Paper Game’. While it may sound strange, the game really is hilarious to see what people’s imaginations can think of to draw and come up with captions for.

Well that’s all for now I suppose. The crew leaves for Waco, Texas, bright and early tomorrow morning!


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